We have 6 textile units, each of them with its own specifications and product specialties. We are able to produce almost 70 million pieces of garments (both knitted and woven) per year, with more than 16,500 workers and employees in more than 170,000 square meters.


DIRD Composite Textiles Ltd.

Vertically integrated knit composite facility with knitting, dyeing, washing, all-over print, embroidery and sewing in one location.



DIPTA Garments Ltd.

Specializing in both knits and wovens with modern facility and highly skilled workforce.



Design office in London working with major retailers across national and international markets.


DIRD Garments Ltd.

Woven factory with in-house washing plant producing variety of casual bottom items for Men, Ladies and kids.



DIRD Washing Plant Ltd.

Highly rated washing plant with full range of wash capabilities catering to top factories in Bangladesh.



DIPTA Apparels Ltd.

Designed to be the most modern woven factory in Bangladesh. It is the newest addition to Dird Factories and is still under construction.