DIRD Polytex Limited, a concern of DIRD Group, is specialized in producing PET Flakes and Synthetic Fibers (Polypropylene Staple Fiber and Polyester Staple Fiber) which is located at Rajendrapur, Gazipur in Bangladesh.


DIRD Polytex Limited is the leading Plastic Recycler and Exporter of Hot Washed PET Flakes, Polypropylene Staple Fiber and Polyester Staple Fiber from Bangladesh. DIRD Polytex Limited has invested in the most advanced machinery available to ensure high grade PET Flakes and Synthetic Fiber. PET Flakes can be reused for PSF (Polyester Staple Fiber), POY (Polyester Oriented Yarn), PET Sheets (APET and PETG) & PET Strapping. The Synthetic Fibers are produced in the factory is used in our internal consumption for manufacturing Geo-textile for DIRD Felt Limited, another concern of DIRD Group, and are also exported to international market.


Established in 2011, DIRD Polytex Limited has become the leading recyclers of Hot Washed PET Bottle Flakes and the best quality Synthetic Fiber manufacturer from Bangladesh. Our consistent quality and high standards have made us a symbol of trust with our buyers all over the world in different market segments. We are currently meeting the requirements of various international markets in East Asia (China, Vietnam, Korea, and Taiwan) and Europe for their RPET requirements.