DIRD FELT LTD. is a member of the DIRD Family. Being the pioneer of Geotechnical Engineering in Bangladesh, DIRD Group has contributed significantly to nationwide acceptance and use of Geotextile as civil engineering material since 1989.


Today DIRD FELT is the largest UV Stabilized Non Woven Geotextile manufacturer in Bangladesh and a rising player in the international market with a production capacity of 25 tonnes of Geotextile sheet per day and a stitching capacity of 50,000 Geobags per day. Currently, it employs more than 25 engineers who are directly involved in every step of the process, starting from production and quality control to design, marketing and implementation.


DIRD FELT LTD. offers Non Woven Needle Punched Geotextile ranging from 150 GSM to 600 GSM. Having its own polypropylene staple fiber manufacturing unit, DIRD FELT can ensure its Geotextiles achieve maximum strength with optimum elongation.


DIRD FELT products have obtained superior reputation in river and coastal engineering, erosion control and bank protection work, offshore protection by Geotubes, embankment construction and slope reinforcement. The product marketing services are complemented with design assistance, product selection, installation and monitoring.


DIRD FELT LTD. also provides services in Geotechnical & Environmental engineering with the assistance of DIRD PRIVATE  LTD., another concern of DIRD GROUP. Geotechnical engineering services range from site investigation, design proposal and execution of works e.g. Civil Construction, Nehemiah Anchored Earth Wall, Ground improvement, River/Coastal Bank Protection, Re-enforced Anchored Earth Wall System, Waste Containment, Cut off Sealing and Landfill.