From a personal hobby to a pioneering business!!  Back in 2001, Eng. Itemad Ud Daulah, the honourable Chairman of DIRD Group, created a small orchid plantation mainly with Dendrobeum in a corner of his country house in the outskirts of Dhaka City, at Bhaluka, Mymensingh. Over the years, the plantation has grown into a large Orchid Farm with a variety of orchid species, different flowering plants and various other shrubs cultivated there. Today the overall plantation spreads over 22 acres of land.

In 2005, the business was officially registered as DIPTA Orchids Ltd and became the first export oriented orchid firm in Bangladesh and still holds the title of the largest orchid farm in the country in terms of size and variety. DIPTA ORCHIDS produces Mokara, Gerbera, Sonia, Dendrobium and various other shrubs.

Today, DIPTA Orchids has become an iconic business which has created a huge eco-park in its course of business. Not only that it has also generated rural employment and economic development fuelled by foreign currency revenue from its exports.


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Products - Mokara, Gerbera, Sonia, Dendrobium and various other shrubs.


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